In order to maintain a green and healthy lawn, our licensed
professionals will provide a comprehensive multi-step
fertilization program for commercial and residential clients. We
incorporate balanced nutrients and fertilizers into a scheduled
maintenance for healthy roots.  This will help prevent against
disease, insects and weeds.

Our multi-step turf fertilization program includes lawn
application, grub management, lime applications, weed control,
insect/flea/tick control, soil analysis, aeration and overseeding.

Our fertilizing programs will cater to the individual needs of
your lawn as not all lawns require the same treatment.
Pesticides are only used as needed as caring for the
environment and your family are the most important factors
with your lawn care. Organic fertilizing is also available. Below
is a sample of our typical application schedule.

  • Round 1 -- Early Spring: March - April

    A high phosphorus and potash application is applied to
    spring up the lawns root system and green it up after a
    long winter.

  • Round 2 -- Spring: April - May

    An application of fertilizer is applied to boost the speed of
    growth in your lawn.

  • Round 3 -- Late Spring/Early Summer Organic  Application: May - June

    This organic application is accompanied by an additional feed fertilizer.

  • Round 4 -- Summer: June - July

    An application of slow release organic fertilizer is applied
    to ensure continued growth through the dry season.

Commercially Licensed Pesticide Applicator
No. 32728

  • Round 5 -- Late Summer: July - August

    A second application of organic fertilizer is applied to green up the lawn as the season embarks into
       the wet and cool part of the year.

  • Round 6 -- Early Fall: August - September

    A third application of organic fertilizer is applied to green up the lawn.

  • Round 7 -- Late Fall Winter Application:  September - October

    A winterizer fertilizer is applied to prepare the lawn for winter. This application helps provide nutrients to the roots of the grass as it enters its dormant stage. Lawns with a balanced pH level are treated with lime.